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If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that Connecticut weather can be unpredictable. High winds and winter storms can wreak havoc on a neighborhood, and downed trees can be the result. When a storm finds a tree close to your house that might be a bit weak or lightning strikes at exactly the right spot to splinter a large tree limb, you can find yourself in an uncertain, even dangerous situation.

Here are a few things to remember if a tree falls on your roof:

  • Turn off power to the house. Remember that safety comes first. Remove all chances of electrocution by turning off the power immediately.
  • Evacuate the house. Make sure everyone gets out of the house safely, including the pets. Stay a safe distance from the house as you call for help.
  • Call your insurance company. Let your insurance company know what happened right away and have them contact your roofing company. Definitely don’t attempt the tree removal yourself. This should only be done by a professional.
  • Secure your home. Roof damage must be inspected, and temporary measures should be taken to prevent rain or snow from getting into the house. A professional roofing contractor will work with your insurance representative to expedite the process of getting the repairs done.

Clearly, it’s never good when a tree falls on your roof. But knowing what to do if this situation arises can keep you and your family safe. You have a choice in roofing contractors, and this is a situation where experience matters. Remember, the damage isn’t limited to just what you can see. You could also have damage to the electrical system, brick, interior walls, gas lines, or even the foundation. That’s why a professional roofing company like MJT Roofing is critical to the process and can ensure you come through safely.

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