Why is Getting Your Roof Repaired Before Selling Your Home Important?

One of the most important tips any real estate agent will tell you is to ensure your roof is in peak condition before selling your home. The easy answer is to call MJT Roofing. We can inspect your roof and offer recommendations that you may or may not have already thought of, make minor repairs, and, if necessary, do a roof replacement. But why?

Why so much work and money spent if you’re just going to sell the house anyway?

There is a laundry list of benefits to getting your roof repaired before selling your home. Here are a few:

  1. Higher selling price — A home with a roof that’s in bad shape (holes, missing shingles, hail damage, moisture, etc.) won’t command the highest price on the market. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a buyer who’d want to take on the responsibility of getting the repairs or replacements done themselves. Conversely, a home with a new roof will attract a variety of great offers from interested buyers.
  2. Prevent closing delays — One of the best ways to ensure closing day comes and goes without a hitch is to ensure everything about your property is in tip-top shape. That includes your roof. When a roof needs repairs or a full-scale replacement, it is possible that the lender could make the loan approval conditional on proof that it has been fixed before closing. If you file a claim with your insurance company too late, you could jeopardize closing day.
  3. Attracts buyers — There’s just something about a new, shiny roof that brings potential buyers out in droves. Updated and well-maintained homes not only draw a crowd, but they also sell faster and, as we mentioned above, command a higher asking price.

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, here are a few things your roofing contractor can do to get your roof ready when selling your house.

  1. Roof cleaning — This means removing any fallen tree branches, leaves, moss, etc., cleaning out gutters, and taking care of any loose ends.
  2. Roof inspection — This is the biggie, as it will help shed light on anything that must be repaired or replaced before you can confidently sell your home. We may even point out issues that may seem small now but should be fixed before they become a bigger problem and cause more damage.
  3. Attic inspection — Checking the attic is a great way to spot hidden dangers that aren’t always visible from the outside. This includes leaks and areas where there isn’t enough insulation.
  4. Gutter cleaning — We mentioned this earlier. Gutter cleaning is essential to ensuring your roof looks as good as it can possibly be during the selling process. If someone visits your home on a rainy day, it’s important that they see your gutters draining water the way they should.
  5. Roof repairs — Missing or damaged shingles, dented or busted gutters, and anything else that is an obvious repair should be taken care of. This is especially true for items that can be seen from the street. Again, your home’s curb appeal is paramount to a successful sale.
  6. Roof replacement — A roof replacement may be the best solution for old and worn-out roofs. If that’s the case with your roof, don’t despair. A knowledgeable roofer can get a roof replacement scheduled and completed in time to sell your home.

Professional roofing contractors at MJT Roofing are ready to inspect your existing roof and give you a complete assessment of what needs to be fixed before you try to sell your home.

Call MJT Roofing today!

At MJT Roofing, we hop on your roof and provide a thorough inspection of anything that may have been damaged. If everything looks great, we’ll continue to check in periodically. If there is significant enough damage, we will walk you through the next few steps to get started on roof repair and replacement.

Over the next several weeks and months, we’ll continue to publish helpful content to our blog page so that MJT Roofing can be a go-to resource for you!

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