What Should You Do If Something Has Punctured a Hole in Your Roof?

You walk outside for a morning stroll and notice that something has punctured a hole in your roof. The instant thoughts of gloom and doom set in and rightfully so. No one wants a hole in their roof and the worst part is that you’re not even sure what to do. All you know is that it can’t stay that way.

A punctured roof is an emergency issue that needs to be looked at immediately. A Licensed Roofing Contractor can assess the damage and at a minimum, temporarily secure the roof until a full inspection can be scheduled.

What is a roof puncture, exactly?

Roof punctures can happen at any time and are typically caused when a foreign object puts too much pressure on your roofing material and creates a hole. That hole can range from a small hole in a single shingle to a hole that goes straight through to the underlayment and plywood beneath the shingles.

Many things can puncture a hole in your roof. Just a few examples include:

  • Tree limbs
  • Hailstones
  • Rodents and animals
  • Strong winds

What should you do when something has punctured your roof? Call the roofing professionals at  MJT Roofing. Many roof punctures can easily be spotted by walking around your property. But it’s always best to have a roofing professional from MJT Roofing climb up on the roof and see what’s going on.

Call MJT Roofing today!

At MJT Roofing, we want to be your Connecticut roofing professional for life. We will hop on your roof and provide a thorough inspection of anything that may have been damaged. If everything looks great, we’ll continue to check in periodically. If there is significant enough damage — especially if something punctured a hole in your roof — we’ll walk you through the next few steps to get started on roof repair and replacement.

Over the next several weeks and months, we’ll continue to publish helpful content to our blog page so that MJT Roofing can be a go-to resource for you!

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