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Although winter comes as no surprise, many of us are not ready for its arrival. If you are prepared for the hazards of winter, you will be more likely to stay safe and healthy when temperatures start to fall. It’s every homeowner’s dream to enjoy their winter safe and keep warm round the clock. All set for winter?

Accumulation of snow and ice on the roof top could be detrimental if not removed for a long time.

Stress on the roof

Ice build-up on your roof could cause you the worst nightmare when it caves in because of the accumulated weight of snowfall. When the temperatures hit below the freezing point, rain water flows to the lowest point of your roof and condenses to form large ice blocks. As the ice blocks increase, their weight also increases, thus creating stress on the roof. The risk of roof leaks and cave-ins escalates every time there’s a snow storm.

Ice Dams

The heat from your home or warmer daytime weather will melt the snow on your roof. Icicles can form if that thawing snow has nowhere to go. Clogged gutters or “ice dams” at the edge of your roof prevent the thawing snow from draining to the downspouts.

When this happens, that standing water or ice can creep back up and under your shingles. Once moisture gets under the shingles, it can start causing problems to the interior of your home. Unfortunately, once the ice dams have formed, there aren’t a lot options for removal.

Reduced roof lifespan

As snow and ice continue to accumulate on the roof top, the reinforcements weaken and cracks expand further. Sooner than later, your roof will be a ticking bomb; a strong wind could actually blow it away. If there your rooftop has visible cracks and serious leaks, its replacement time is due.

Having a Proper roof maintenance plan is the ultimate solution to saving your roof from the unanticipated troubles. Find a roof maintenance expert and task him/her to remove any accumulation of snowfall.

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