Does Roof Color Really Matter?

Many a local homeowner has asked us this one question: “Does the color of your roof matter?” The short answer is “Absolutely!” It goes well beyond simply improving your home’s curb appeal with something that’s different from the norm. 

Qualified Connecticut roofing contractors like your friends here at MJT Roofing will tell you that roof color is a factor in three major areas.

  • Reflecting and absorbing direct sunlight
  • Helping your roof last longer
  • Additional curb appeal (everyone loves a nice-looking roof)

Reflecting and absorbing direct sunlight

The color of your roof is the most significant contributor to how much direct sunlight your roof absorbs. A darker-colored roof allows sunlight to be absorbed, thereby raising the temperature in your home. This will increase your cooling bills during the summer and directly affects how hard your cooling system has to work during the summer. 

However, a darker-colored roof is very advantageous during those Connecticut winters. During the winter months, a darker roof will absorb direct sunlight and radiate heat throughout the surface of your roof to help snow and ice melt quicker, whereas a lighter-colored roof will reflect more of the direct sunlight. This results in lower energy bills and helps your cooling system work efficiently and last longer.

Longevity of Your Roof

For quite some time, many have believed that roof color directly affects the longevity of your roof. However, after numerous trials from experienced roofing manufacturers, we find less and less of a correlation between the two. However, it is important to remember that heat is a significant factor in your roof’s longevity. Since the absorption of heat from sunlight is affected by your roof color, the color of your roof can indirectly affect the longevity of your roof.

Curb Appeal

When it comes to the aesthetic value of your home, the color of your roof plays a significant role! A roof color that just doesn’t fit with the rest of the house will cause you disappointment, and it will also cost you money when it comes time to sell your home. Generally, the rule of thumb is that lighter colored roofs go better with lighter colored brick or siding, while darker colored roofs go better with darker colored brick or siding.

Finally, remember that darker roofs can make a home seem smaller, while lighter roofs tend to make a home seem larger! And when it comes to curb appeal, size does matter.

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Over the next several weeks and months, we’ll continue to publish helpful content to our blog page so that MJT Roofing can be a go-to resource for you!

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