Does a New Roof Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

When many homeowners think about improving the overall look of their Connecticut home, they look at things like new shudders, beautiful landscaping, decorations, ornate light fixtures, and even a fresh coat of paint. But what about the roof? Believe it or not, a new roof improves your home’s curb appeal, too.

Your roof is actually the most dominating feature your home possesses. If it’s new and perfect looking, people will take notice. If it looks torn up and tattered, people also notice — but not in a good way.

In fact, an old roof can make all those other curb-appeal updates seem invisible.

What do we mean when we say curb appeal?

Curb appeal is defined as a home’s initial appeal when viewed from the street. When someone drives by, whether it’s a neighbor coming home from a long day at work or a potential buyer cruising the neighborhood, there are certain things that will stick out about your home — good, bad, or indifferent.

Examples of what is included in a home’s curb appeal include:

  • The front entrance
  • The condition of the paint and siding
  • Landscaping
  • Trees
  • Porch decorations
  • Light fixtures
  • Secure fencing and/or gates
  • Front door
  • Porches
  • Your roof

A new roof improves curb appeal in many ways.

  1. Improve a home’s aesthetics — Depending on the style and colors available to you, a new roof can complement your home’s architectural design and help your overall facade stand out from others on the block. For example, you can switch from shingles to tile or black shingles to gray or another color.
  2. Adding value to your home — Any new roof creates a boom in property value, which means you can sell your house for more money. Prospective buyers love when a home they’re interested in has a brand-new roof because it’s a symbol of longevity and shows you care about the property. More importantly, a new roof improves your home’s energy efficiency.
  3. A leg up over the competition — If you’re trying to sell your home, the smallest upgrades can mean a big difference for potential buyers when it comes to narrowing down their choices. So if you have a new roof and another home doesn’t, a buyer will likely choose your home.

No one suggests that you need to go out and buy a new roof now. But your friends here at MJT Roofing would like to remind you that every roof must be replaced eventually, either because of a damaging storm or because they’ve outlived their lifespan. If that’s the case with you right now, your home’s curb appeal could suffer in the meantime.

Call MJT Roofing today!

There are so many things to be aware of as a homeowner when it comes to your roof. Over the next several months, we’ll continue to publish helpful content to our blog page so that MJT Roofing can be a go-to resource for you! We can find faults in your roof that, while they seem small now, can be fixed before they cause costly damage to everything you own.

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