6 Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection

If you have to think long and hard to remember the last time you had a professional roof inspection done on your Connecticut home, or if you’ve never had one, it’s time to go ahead and schedule one now. Regular roof inspections twice a year, help uncover hidden roof damage that, while it may seem small now, could become a more costly fix later. That’s not the only benefit.

Here are 6 benefits of having a professional roof inspection:

  1. It’s FREE — You really don’t have an excuse for not getting a professional roof inspection done when it’s free. Every reputable roofing contractor offers one, and the fact that they offer it for free tells you that their intentions are good and that their focus is your home’s best interests.
  2. You’ll know how old your roof is — Wouldn’t it be nice to know from a reputable roofer how much longer your roof has left before it needs to be replaced? Of course, it would. And that’s what roof inspections offer. On top of letting you know your roof’s longevity, your roofer can advise you on small repairs to do now that will help extend your roof’s life even further.
  3. Peace of mind — There’s no worse feeling than not knowing what your roof can handle. What if a major storm blows through? Are my gutters clogged — I can’t see that high without getting on the roof myself? One of the biggest benefits of a professional roof inspection is that you’ll have the peace of mind that someone has seen it, gone over every square inch, and let you know what to expect.
  4. You don’t have to do it yourself — Sure, you could climb up on your roof and do the inspection yourself. But why would you when you can get someone who knows what they’re looking for to do it for free? On top of that, it’s not safe to do roof inspections yourself, and you could unintentionally damage your shingles just from walking on them the wrong way.
  5. Detect leaks faster — Some leaks are present on your roof even if they haven’t reached the inside of your home yet. A roof inspection will uncover these issues and give you and your roofer a chance to repair them before they become more costly down the line.
  6. Increase your home’s value — The more aware you are of what’s happening on your roof, and the quicker you can catch and fix potential issues, the better off your roof will be and the better it will look. As a result, your home’s value will continue to go up.

Roof inspections matter

We all want our home to look nice. From the carefully crafted landscaping that makes our humble abode the envy of the neighborhood to picture-perfect blinds and shutters and how we choose to decorate everything inside the front door, it’s all we can think about. And yet, we often overlook the one element that ties everything together and makes our home a home — the roof.

This is why regular roof inspections are so important. If left unattended, your roof and all the parts that make up the integrity of your roofing system can quickly fail — unbeknownst to you.

You simply can’t put a price on having a professional roof inspection. We can find faults in your roof that, while they seem small now, can be fixed before they cause costly damage to everything you own.

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There are so many things to be aware of as a homeowner when it comes to your roof. Conducting routine roof inspections is one, and over the next several months, we’ll continue to publish helpful content to our blog page so that MJT Roofing can be a go-to resource for you!

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